How we're keeping our congregation safe

Thoughts to consider

On Friday, May 22 the White House announced that houses of worship have been deemed essential and are allowed to open with restrictions. We have discovered over the past several months that there are many things to consider before re-opening our doors. While this was exciting news and we cannot wait to be together again, the church is not open for worshiping together indoors physically just yet. It is of the utmost importance for us to keep everyone safe and healthy which takes time and preparation. We are working diligently to finalize a plan to reopen and keeping a watchful eye on all the state and local health department announcements. We will communicate with you as soon as the plan is ready to implement and we’re ready to return to onsite and in-person services. Because information and guidelines are changing so quickly, we will continue to update you on a month-to-month basis or as information becomes available.

We are excited that our meeting in-person outdoors has gone so well and it has been a great alternative for us.  For those who have not been ready quite yet to meet in-person, we continue to offer our services online. The Lord has used the online platform in amazing ways and we know He is at work in all things! Thank you for your continued faithfulness to Ken Caryl Church both in viewing online, attending the outdoor services, praying, and in your generous and sacrificial giving. We continue to covet your prayers as we seek God’s will for our church and move towards re-opening.

For His Glory!

Ken Caryl Church Staff

Pastor Jeff, Will, Scott and Sandy

Re-Entry Updates and Plans

Updated August 1, 2020

  • We were so excited to hold our first in-person outdoor worship service on Sunday, June 28. It was wonderful seeing so many who felt ready to attend an in-person gathering.
  • We plan to continue holding in-person, outdoor, worship services every Sunday in August and September at 9:30am, on the lawn, east of the church building. Parking will be available in the south lot, open parking on Carr Street, and in the entire north parking lot. Parking lots open at 9:00am. Some shade coverings will be made available. Please feel free to bring your own shade, chairs and blankets.
  • Adult life groups have been meeting online and some have moved to an in-person outdoor setting, using appropriate safe distance guidelines.
  • Student outdoor gatherings began on June 17 and will continue through July and August with our new Sunday format beginning on August 30.
  • Children will begin meeting in-person on Sunday, August 30 for TeamKID Club.
  • Women’s and men’s Bible studies/small groups will begin meeting on Wednesday nights in early September. More details will be forthcoming.
  • We will continue to provide an online worship service in addition to our in-person services for those who are not quite ready to come to the church.
  • We hope to provide an indoor, meaningful live worship experience, beginning in October. Numbers will be limited and reservations will be required. There will be two services with a nursery being offered for the second service. There will be no children or student programming on Sunday mornings for either service.
  • We are preparing plans to create a safer environment for gathering indoors including cleaning and social distancing practices in the sanctuary, bathrooms, student areas, adult areas, entry ways, exits, and children’s areas, etc. We plan to communicate the specifics of these plans to volunteers and our church family closer to our re-open date when that is determined. Some of the areas will be phased in.
  • We plan to communicate updates following significant information announced by or received from state and local health officials. Check this page and social media for updates in addition to emails to our congregation.

What are the basics I need to know?

Updated August 1, 2020

Outdoor Worship Services:

  • Worship services will begin at 9:30am. Parking lots open at 9:00 am.
  • August and September services will be held on the lawn, east side of the church building.
  • If you have been ill recently or been exposed to someone who was ill recently, please stay home.
  • Wear a facial covering to and from your parking space.
  • Facial coverings are optional once you are at your space.
  • Proceed to the lawn area as a family unit.
  • Children must be kept with the family unit at all times.
  • Choose your spot and set up.
  • Maintain social distancing and refrain from physical contact.
  • Restrooms are open. Enter through the east glass foyer doors where one person will be allowed in each restroom at a time.
  • When exiting the worship service, proceed back to your car as a family unit maintaining social distancing.
  • Family units can be made up of any individuals as long as the number does not exceed six people, and as long as everyone is comfortable with sitting together.

Student Gatherings:

  • Students will be meeting outdoors the first three weeks of August on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 8pm.
  • On August 30, student programming will begin at 4:00 and end at 6:00pm on Sunday evenings.
  • Details will be sent out to parents for all planned activities.
  • If your student has been ill recently or has been exposed to someone who was ill recently, please keep them home.
  • Students are asked to bring a facial covering/mask in case the activities need to be moved indoors.
  • Safe social distancing will be encouraged.

Children’s Gatherings:

  • Beginning August 30, we will be offering TeamKID for all children 4-years-old through fifth grade. This new program combines our traditional children’s church and Sunday school with our previous mid-week program.
  • TeamKID will meet on Sundays from 4:00 to 6:00pm with check-in beginning at 4:00pm.
  • Registration will be required. Cost will be $10 for the fall/winter semester.
  • If your child has been ill recently or has been exposed to someone who was ill recently, please keep them home.
  • Health checks will be administered at check-in.
  • The program has been designed to offer the safest environment possible for our kids, volunteers and staff using the current public health and CDC suggested and mandated guidelines.

Adult Life and Small Group Gatherings:

  • Adult life groups and small groups are encouraged to meet outdoors at homes.
  • Online meetings are still a good option for those not quite ready to meet in-person.
  • Safe distancing and mask wearing are highly encouraged.
  • If you have been ill recently or have been exposed to someone who was ill recently, please stay home.

Women’s and Men’s Bible Studies:

  • Bible studies/small groups will be offered starting in early September for men and women on alternating Wednesday evenings. There will be in-person and Zoom or online options. There will also be a women’s Bible study on Tuesday mornings. Details will be forthcoming.

Nursery, Childcare and Children:

  • At this time, we are not offering nursery or childcare for infants through fifth grade for any of our outdoor gatherings.
  • Families will attend worship services as a family unit, with their children.
  • On October 3rd when we move indoors and have two worship services, preschool will be offered for infants through 4 years old during the second worship service at 11am.
  • Children 5-years-old and older will attend the indoor worship service with their parents.

Celebration of Life/Funeral Services:

  • Services may be conducted outside beginning in September for up to 100 people depending on availability and scheduling.
  • In October, services may be conducted indoors for up to 50 people depending on availability and scheduling.
  • We encourage families to work with local mortuaries and funeral homes who have established safe guidelines and have processes in place to support families during this time if a family does not want to wait.
  • Pastors are available to preside over services upon request at an offsite location, i.e. a funeral home or graveside service.

Tell me more, I want all the re-entry details!

Updated August 1, 2020

While we cannot wait to be together again physically inside our building, the church is not open for worshiping together in that format just yet. It is of the utmost importance for us to keep everyone safe and healthy which takes time and preparation. We are working diligently to finalize a plan to reopen and are keeping a watchful eye on all the state and local health department announcements. We will communicate with you as soon as the plan is ready to implement and we are ready to return to onsite, in-person services. Because information and guidelines are changing so quickly, we are focusing on updating you on a month-to-month basis.


If you have been ill recently or been exposed to someone who was ill recently, please do not attend gatherings at KCC. A health screening may take place prior to you gaining entrance into the church facilities. If you are not quite ready to begin attending our in-person gatherings, we invite you to continue to participate with us by viewing our online service and/or participating in one of our many Life Groups.

Modifications of the Facility:
We are working hard to keep you safe. Our in-person protocols have been established based on health department guidelines and requirements, with the safety and health of all of our members in mind. Once we begin meeting inside, safe distance guidelines will be arranged throughout our facility and we will be providing non-touch hand sanitizer stations and hand sanitizer. Signs will be posted to help provide additional guidance.

When the church opens for inside gatherings, a schedule will be put into place so groups who may meet at the church will know where they are assigned to meet. The Life Group leader, Small Group leader, Activity Leader or Teacher will be responsible for ensuring the church’s protocols are followed. All groups will need to adhere to the safe social distance guidelines of staying 6-8 feet apart during the entire gathering and limit contact with shared items. For groups using the church facilities, we will be asking the leaders of each group to help us by ensuring that their space is cleaned and sanitized after the gathering is over. Because of our Sunday night programming, all tables and chairs will need to be sanitized and put away after the gathering is over.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

Anyone who helps clean should wash their hands and put on gloves prior to beginning. The instructions for cleaning and sanitizing are with the cleaners, gloves, and supplies that will be stored in each of the restrooms under the sinks, in the upper closet just west of the coffee bar, on the counter in the fellowship hall kitchen area, and in the student Garage area inside the cabinet.

Cleaning and sanitizing will include entrance doorways, doorknobs, handles, metal on chairs, counters, and tables. Restrooms will be cleaned by staff, volunteers, or our cleaning service. Our cleaning supplies do not require wiping off, just spraying the area used or touched. After cleaning is complete, the door sign will be flipped to “this room is ready for you.”

Facial Coverings:
All staff and volunteers will be required to wear facial coverings for all KCC indoor and outdoor gatherings. We also will request all school-age children 10 and older, and adults, wear facial coverings while attending all indoor, in-person gatherings at KCC where facial coverings are required.  For services that are designated, more relaxed, facial coverings will be optional. For outdoor gatherings, where social distancing of 6-feet is maintained, we highly encourage the wearing of masks or facial coverings, however they will be optional.

Arrival and Departure:

  • Do not arrive early, we are preparing for you and will be ready at the start time of the service or gathering.
  • Look for signs and Greeters to assist with additional directions and information.
  • Follow instructions for entrance and dismissal:
  • There will be one-point of entrance and one-point of exit for our in-person worship services.
  • The entire church will not be accessible.
  • Please maintain social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet between people and don’t congregate blocking the flow of people in doorways or the foyer.
  • When the entry doors open, this will signal families that we are ready for the next service.
  • Enter as a family unit and sit together as a family.
  • Avoid physical contact. There are lots of ways to greet each other and catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while without violating the social distancing guidelines.
  • Leave the Sanctuary as a family unit once the service has concluded. Sanitizing of the Sanctuary will need to happen between services once everyone has exited.


  • Student outside gatherings will access the upper restrooms through the Garage area.
  • Children’s outside gatherings will access the upper restrooms through the backdoor by playground.
  • Outdoor worship service attendees will access the upper restrooms on the east side of the church, using the double glass doors to the foyer.
  • One person at a time will be allowed in to use each restroom at a time.For inside, in-person worship gatherings, the upper restrooms will be open and accessed through the upper main foyer doors. One person at a time will be allowed in to use each restroom. Exception would be a parent needing to enter restroom to assist a child. There will be clearly marked signs to guide you. Social distancing will be observed outside the restrooms if they are occupied.

Sanitizing and Health Services

  • Bathrooms: we will be cleaning these frequently. Because of the size of our restroom facilities, we will allow one person at a time access. When we begin meeting indoors, in-person, please wait outside of the restroom, observing social distancing instead of lining up inside the restroom.
  • Hand Sanitizer: sanitizer will be available throughout the building and we are making efforts to minimize touch by leaving doors open, by using hands free devices and making other modifications.
  • Coffee Bars and Food: for the time being, we will not be opening our coffee bar area or providing food inside or outside of our facility prior to worship services or for main outdoor gatherings. For student and children gatherings, there may or may not be food provided. Appropriate food guidelines will be followed if food is provided.
  • In Between Services: cleaning and sanitizing will be done in between services once the first service has been exited and before the next service begins and attenders are allowed in.